[Video] Sunny Leone: “I am very excited to be at Mauritius”

The stars of Bollywood Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan trampled on Mauritian soil on Friday morning November 11 as part of the shooting of the film “Tera Intezaar”.

Ten people will participate in this shoot for 10 days. The first scenes will be filmed at the Plaisance terminal.

“Hello … Very good,” these are the first words of Sunny Leone to journalists when she left immigration from the Plaisance airport.

Watch video:

She spoke briefly with TelePlus while she was in a car; claiming that she is on her first visit to Mauritius:

“I’m very excited to be here. I am waiting to discover Mauritius,” says Sunny Leone; Adding “Amazing Mauritius”.

“Tera Intezaar” means “I’m waiting for you” is a romantic and musical comedy. The main roles are played by Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan, who is the brother of the Bollywood star Salman Khan.