Fatal Accident In Curepipe: Paul Sarah Crushed Between Handrails And The Side Of A Vehicle

Another fatal accident occurred in Curepipe, late on the evening of Friday November 11.

Murder Crime Scene

34-year-old Sheik Sameer Nazeerally, a resident of Gros-Billot, New-Grove, reported to the Curepipe police that he was driving a private bus at Lees Street when he stopped at the traffic lights at around 4:45 pm.

While moving again, he heard the cries of his passengers who ordered him to stop the bus. Exiting his seat, the driver saw that a person was trapped between the handrails along the road and the side of the bus.

The victim was Paul Sarah, 83, who lived in Cité St-Luc, Forest-Side. The old man had to be taken to the Jawaharlal Nehru hospital in Rose-Belle, where his death was to be reported. The driver of the bus was tested negative to the breathalyzer. The autopsy of the victim is scheduled for this Saturday November 12.