“My son died because of his favourite chocolate” Says The Father Of Sharvin

A toy was found in the throat of little Sharvin Rugoonauth during the autopsy. The two-year-old child had swallowed the toy, placed in a capsule next to the egg-shaped Kinder chocolates on Thursday night. He died asphyxiated soon after. “«Monn trouv mo zanfan so lavi pe ale devan mo lizie. » said Arvin Rugoonauth, the father of little Sharvin who was sitting in deep shock in his chair at his home in Suriname.

Arvin Rugoonauth, a 36-year old employee of a hotel in the south arrived home from his job around 7.15 p.m. His son is a fan of Kinder chocolates. He demanded at all costs his dessert for the evening. The father who did not want to deprive his little desire rushed to a local business to buy his chocolate. Back home, Arvin places the chocolate on a kitchen table and leaves the house to take some air.


His son was playing in a room next door with felts that his mother had given him. “I do not know when Sharvin went into the kitchen to open his dessert and swallowed his chocolate,” says the father. “Suddenly my wife saw my son holding his stomach, he was twisting in pain. Not knowing what to do, she screamed for help. An aunt came to her aid. Sharvin ti pe kime.

We tapped him on the back because we could see that he could no longer breathe, “said his father.  The parents immediately tooke a taxi to transport their son to the nearest hospital in Souillac. Along the way, the mother holding her child in her arms tries the impossible to help her. “Kan nou ti dan taxi mo trouver kouma lavi mo zanfan pe ale. Mo trouv mo zanfant pe mor, “cried the father. Soon after, even before the taxi arrived at the hospital, the child had surrendered.

The doctor on duty was to confirm the death of little Sharvin. The Souillac police opened an investigation. An autopsy practiced by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the forensic department on Friday attributed the death to an “asphyxia due to choking”. A small yellow car was found in the victim’s throat. The police dismissed the thesis of foul play.


The funeral funeral of little Sharvin took place on Friday afternoon in Suriname. The relatives were overwhelmed by the pain. The little victim had an elder brother of 12 years, a schoolboy in Form II. According to Arvin, “Sharvin enjoyed Kinder chocolates, he used to open himself the plastic envelope of his favorite chocolate. He knew perfectly well what to eat. He knew he had to put the little toys aside. I do not understand how he could swallow this little yellow car.

My son died because of his favorite chocolate, “he says. Many relatives made the trip to pay a last tribute to little Sharvin. They are shocked by this tragic disappearance. “Sharvin’s mother is inconsolable. She keeps crying by looking at her son’s photo. The father is speechless. He was very attached to Sharvin. The boy was to celebrate his three years on 19th November, “said his aunt Roumilla, 52 years old. The locals describe Sharvin as a smiling child. “Sharvin ti pe al avek zot tou. It is sad to lose your life under these circumstances. It is a great shock for all of us. We are going to miss him a lot, “says Kamla, a local resident. The investigation is supervised by Assistant Superintendent Callychurn.

Mentions on Kinder chocolate eggs are very clear: they are forbidden to children 0-3 years old. The warning reads as follows: “Warning! Contains a toy. Presence of small parts requires adult supervision. “This chocolate, enclosed in an egg-shaped plastic packaging, is accompanied by a small toy packed in a capsule next to the chocolate. Indeed, according to the Food Act, a toy cannot be in direct contact with a food.