Sexual Abuse On A Disabled Woman: Magistrate describes Acts As “Barbaric & Shameful”

44 year old Binesh Beeharry was accused of having assaulted a woman with a disability and he has been sentenced to four years in prison. He pleaded guilty.

The sentence fell on Friday 11th November at the intermediate court. However, since he has already spent 840 days in prison, his sentence will be reduced. “I describe your acts as barbaric and shameful,” declared the magistrate Raj Seebaluck.


For him, this case is qualified as “the never seen of all the trials in court”. “You deserve to be under surveillance for three years after you have finished serving your sentence,” he concluded. The accused will therefore remain under police surveillance for three years after serving his sentence.

The facts date back to 2014. Binesh Beeharry, a helper had taken a disabled woman to Victoria Hotel at Victoria Square Port-Louis on 1st July. On the spot, this resident of Port Louis was sexually abused with extreme barbarism.

It was when she was discovered by employees, emptying its blood in the corridors of this residential school, that an investigation was conducted by the Criminal Investigation Division of Port Louis. The victim was subsequently examined by a medical examiner who found innumerable wounds on her private parts.