Fatal BMW Car Accident: “Zot ti pé al tésté la rout sirman. Informasion mon gagné zot ti pé roul vite”

Nasir Udin Rassool died in a road accident in Verdun. His BMW 6 Series car ended its trip in a ravine. Faik Bhunnoo, who was in the passenger seat, came out with multiple injuries. The thesis of speed excess is privileged in this fatal accident.

The car driven by Nasir Udin Rassool ended its trip in a ravine.

The car driven by Nasir Udin Rassool ended its trip in a ravine.

How did the car end up in a ravine in Verdun? This accident arouses different type of comments. The drama was played in the night from Friday to Saturday. It was around 00:30 AM that an Emergency Response Service (ERS) patrol was warned by the survivor of the accident.

The BMW series 6 and matriculated X 630, driven by 34-year-old Nasir Udin Rassool, abruptly left the road to land in a ravine on the M3 Link Road. The professional photographer, father of two children, was instantly killed during the impact.

Faik Bhunnoo, 28, had more luck. Seriously injured, he was able to return to the main road and alert the ERS patrol. The police had to deploy the great means to extirpate Nasir Udin Rassool from the car. The Mauritian police intervention group was solicited for the operation.

Shock wave
The news caused a shock-wave at the Rassool and Bhunnoo families in Petit-Verger Branch Road, St-Pierre. ” Nou pa kone kouma pou viv sa. C’est une grande perte pour tout le monde,” says Noor Ullah Rassoool, in a broken voice, while he is preparing for his brother’s funeral. “He was a good person, appreciated by all,” he adds.

On Friday November 11, the family of Nasir Udin Rassool went out for diner. Nasir Udin returned home with his family before leaving… to never return. “Earlier, he went to Port-Chambly to dine with his family,” says Samioullah Rassool. But what happened next? “I can not say anything. We do not know what happened,” he said. But Samouillah Rassool is categorical.

“Mon frère ne participait pas à un rallye. Il n’était pas un mordu de la vitesse.”

On the spot, languages are loosening and speculation is going on. “Zot ti pe roul vit sa,” it is said. A relative of the rescued Bhunnoo thinks that the high speed would be at the origin of this fatal road exit. “Zot ti pe al teste la routt sirman. Informasion monn gagne zot ti pe roul vite,” he said. Faik Bhunnoo’s father will however neither confirm nor deny it. “Mo pann koz sa avek li. Mo pe less li refer,” said Mushtaq Ahmad Bhunnoo, caught between sadness and relief. “Thank God, my son’s condition is not critical. Ban tess korek,” he said.

His son Faik and Nasir Udin were very close. “Ils étaient tous deux actifs au sein de la même société que nous fréquentons. Je pense qu’ils étaient sortis ou qu’ils discutaient de leurs activités.”

The photographer Nasir Udin Rassool was a very well-known person. He had a real passion for his profession. “He was a man with a big heart. He had a beautiful personality,” says photographer Farhana Toorab.

The police are working to determine the exact causes of the accident. The expert report is expected. The investigators expect to interview Faik Bhunnoo in the coming days. The investigation is being conducted by Inspector Dawnath under the supervision of Chief Inspector Beedassy of the St-Pierre Police Station.