Miracle In Baie-du-Tombeau: Virgin Mary Statue Cries Blood

Tears of blood were seen on the face of the «Vierge des pauvres». This is a miracle according to Marie-Françoise. This resident of Baie-du-Tombeau bought the statue eight months ago. For the cure of the parish, a visit is necessary.


She is fiercely convinced that this blood on the face of the “«Vierge des pauvres»” is a sign of heaven. “There is a degradation of morals in the world. The Virgin Mary, who is the mother of the poor, weeps. She is so hurt that her tears turn into blood, ” she said.

Sitting in her armchair, her eyes sharp, this former teacher of primary school struggles to hold back her tears of joy. It was shortly after her waking up on Friday morning around 5:30 a.m., that she made this discovery. “As I woke up every day, I went to the statue of the “Sainte Vierge”. I noticed that her face bore traces that seemed to be blood on the eyes and cheeks.

At first I thought it was the blood of a wounded animal and I washed the statuette. A little later, the reddish substance still flowed from the statue’s eyes. I rinsed it twice, but I realized it was a sign. My “Sainte Vierge” was in tears, “she said. Marie-Françoise says she called her neighbor. This is how the news spread like wildfire. Since then, residents converge on Marie-Françoise’s home. “They are at least 600, all communities and social strata, to have visited my house.

According to the former teacher, two nuns from the parish came to her home for an observation. For her, it is a new miracle that had occured in her life. “Last year I escaped a ruptured aneurysm and found myself in a wheelchair with partial paralysis. In the course of the same year, doctors had detected a colon cancer. I was condemned to die. I wanted to spend my last days at home, but God had mercy on me. I found the use of my limbs and I am in good health. This phenomenon that happened to me is like a second miracle, “continues the former choir singer.

Father Lodoiska, pastor of the parish of St-Malo in Baie-du-Tombeau believes that the phenomenon deserves to be seen before conclusions are drawn. “I heard about the phenomenon on Saturday afternoon but I was at the church in Roche-Bois. A visit to the site is necessary. If the phenomenon is out of the ordinary, the case will be referred to the competent authorities, “declared the priest.