[Photos] Slippery Road At Barlow: Police Officers Come To The Rescue Of A Motorcyclist

The weather has not been favorable in some parts of our island yesterday Saturday 12th November, making roads very slippery. A motorcyclist was injured yesterday at Barlow. See photos below:


Police officer help lifting the victim prior to being transported to the hospital.

Police officers help in lifting the victim into police vehicle prior to being transported to the hospital.


He was riding his motorcycle under through bad weather condition when suddenly he lost control of his motorcycle. It slipped and thus the person fell heavily on the road.
He was injured but luckily passersby and the intervention of the police was quick. He was taken for medical treatment. The police officers did their level best to carry the motorcyclist to the vehicle with ample care such that he does not suffer more pain.
Considering that the weather is quite windy and rainy in some parts of the island since Saturday, people are requested to take much precaution while driving. This is because speeding and reckless driving could save us a few minutes but they do not ensure our safety.