[Video] Shocking BMW Accident: Nasir-Uddin Rassool Will Not See His 2-Months-Old Baby Grow Up

He was 34 years old and was the father of a six-year-old girl and a baby of just two months old. But Nasir-Uddin Rassool will not see his children grow up. This inhabitant of Petit-Verger, St-Pierre, died in a shocking road accident…

The vehicle of Nasir-Uddin Rassool was pulled out of the ditch on Saturday (November 12th).

The vehicle of Nasir-Uddin Rassool was pulled out of the ditch on Saturday (November 12th).

It was around midnight and a half on Saturday November 12, when the photographer’s car slipped off at the Terre-Rouge-Verdun highway. The vehicle made a spectacular plunge down before landing in a ditch. Nasir-Uddin Rassool was in the company of a 28 years old friend. The latter is currently admitted to the Victoria Hospital in Candos. His condition is considered serious.

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On the day of the tragedy, the victim, who works on his own account, told his family that he was going for a ride. But he never returned. “Il a emporté avec lui sa bonne humeur,” said his sister-in-law. Nasir-Uddin Rassool was the youngest child of five siblings.

The death of the thirties brings the number of deaths on the roads to 122, against 117 in the same period in 2015. Four people have died in the space of 24 hours since Friday November 11.

In Roches-Noires, Maryen Moonsamy, 26, died in an accident in the early hours of yesterday. The mechanic, living in Rivière-du-Rempart, was in the company of two other youngsters when the car in which they were overturned. Maryen Moonsamy, who was driving, did not survive. The two passengers are still in the hospital, including one in the intensive care unit.

At Curepipe this time, Paul Sarah, 83, died after he found himself stuck between a handrail and the side of a bus on Friday November 11.

As for Jean Dario Dieudonné, 57, he spent 12 days in intensive care unit before dying in the morning of Friday. The inhabitant of St. Croix, a mason, had hit a wall while he was on motorcycle on October 30.