Fatal Accident In Poste-de-Flacq: Motorcyclist Danand Karoo Dies After Colliding With A Truck

He died on his arrival at the hospital. Danand Karoo, 49, was riding a motorcycle when he hit a lorry carrying chairs for a wedding. The accident occurred in the evening of Sunday November 13 in Poste-de-Flacq.


The driver, Doogakant Keroo, 41, living in Latapie, Flacq, was arrested. He will appear in court tomorrow on a provisional charge of manslaughter.

In a first statement to the police, he argued that the motorcyclist made zigzags in front of his truck and struck his vehicle at one point. His autopsy was scheduled on Monday November 14. Elements of the Scene and Crime Office examined both vehicles on Monday.

With this fatal accident, the number of deaths on our roads has now risen to 123 deaths since the beginning of the year. Earlier this weekend, four people died in 24 hours.

Around midnight on Saturday, the car of a resident of Petit-Verger skidded on the Terre-Rouge Verdun highway. The victim: Nasir-Uddin Rassool, a 34-year-old photographer. Still on Saturday, 26-year-old Maryen Moonsamy was killed in a car that flipped over at Roches-Noires.

On Friday, Paul Sarah, 83, found himself stuck between a handrail and the side of a bus. Jean Dario Dieudonné, 57, spent 12 days in intensive care unit before giving up his soul. The professional mason had struck a wall in cité La Cure on October 30.