Melrose Prison: Rs. 300 000 Of Drug Discovered In Tongs By The Police

Members of the anti-drug brigade, accompanied by members of the prison’s Intelligence Unit, conducted a search at the Melrose Prison on Monday November 14.

Melrose prison.

Melrose prison.

With the help of Maggie, the sniffer dog from the prison, officers discovered 20.69 grams of drug concealed in soles of flip-flops. The market value of the drug is estimated at Rs 300,000.

The package was intended for a 20-year-old prisoner living in the north of the country. According to our prison sources, the package would have been handed over by the suspect’s wife on Saturday morning November 12 at the time of the visits.

But the officers of the prison felt something suspicious, because the detainee had received a pair of flip-flops two weeks earlier by the same person.