Neighbor Dispute In Henrietta: He Plants A Post In The Middle Of The Road

On Tuesday November 15, the chief engineer of Vacoas / Phoenix Municipal, accompanied by the police, will force a resident of Keerodhur Lane, Camp Roches, Henrietta, to remove a post placed on a plot of land of the Municipality, obstructing the passage of people around.

Rama Annirao says he can not get his car out of the garage since six months.

Rama Annirao says he can not get his car out of the garage since six months.

Since May, a resident of Henrietta has planted a post in the middle of an access road belonging to the Municipal of Vacoas / Phoenix. Rama Annirao can not take his vehicle out of the garage.

“La mairie a servi une mise en demeure au récalcitrant qui ne bronche pas. Un refus qui a incité notre administration à réclamer un avis légal et l’aide de la police. Le chef ingénieur municipal, accompagné de policiers, fera une descente des lieux le mardi 15 novembre. Si le voisin refuse d’enlever son piquet, il encourra des poursuites légales ,” Mayor Navin Ramsoondur, who spoke on Xplik ou K on Friday, told the Défi Quotidien. How did we get there? Initially, there was a problem of encroachment of the neighbor’s land during the development work carried out in the region. The town council, pursued by the owner, had to agree to compensate him and to purchase a portion of the land for Rs 200,000. This portion now serves as a passage to the locals.

However, the neighbor of Rama Annirao did not appreciate this. “Misie-la fer boukou mesanste. Se enn problem vwazinaz ki a lorizinn sa problem-la,” he confided to the Défi Quotidien. “We have looked at all the legal aspects of the problem. This land no longer belongs to him, he can not do so. If he does not remove the picket, the police will force him to do it,” warns the mayor.