Port-Louis: Fadila, Victim Of Police Brutality ” li finn tir mwa par lebra e finn insilte mwa”

Fadila, 19, living in the capital and owner of a ready-to-wear stall at Louis Pasteur street, said she was mistreated by a police officer during an inspection of the officers of the Port Louis municipality. She filed a complaint at Line Barracks and Plaine-Verte police stations on November 4 and 9.

Scene Of Crime

According to Fadila, on Friday November 4 around 3:00 pm, inspectors from the municipality, accompanied by police officers from the station at Trou-Fanfaron, came to check the permits of the traders at Louis Pasteur street. “They asked me to produce my permit. While I was looking for my license, I saw a policeman picked up the goods I had put in a basket,” says Fadila.

“Je lui ai demandé des explications et il m’a malmenée : li finn tir mwa par lebra e finn insilte mwa,” adds the trader.

As the situation deteriorated, the inspectors called the police officer to order and told him that everything was in order. “Ma grand-mère tient ce commerce depuis quatre ans et nous n’avons jamais eu d’ennuis,” Fadila said.

The victim was taken to Jeetoo Hospital for treatment. Accompanied by her relatives, she then went to the police station of Line Barracks on November 4 where she lodged a complaint for police brutality.

According to Fadila, the police officer then intimidated her while she was at the Gare du Nord on Tuesday November 8. “Get bien ki to pe fer, mo loner en ze,” he would have said to the young woman.

The latter filed a complaint at the Plaine-Verte Police Station against the police officer for intimidation on Wednesday November 9. She also filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on November 9, 2016.

“Nous condamnons la façon de faire de ce policier. Il n’a aucun respect. Que ce serait-il passé si j’étais sur place et que je m’étais interposé ce jour-là. J’espère qu’il y aura des sanctions contre lui,” said the father of the victim.

The police has opened an investigation to shed light on this case. The Human Rights Commission has also initiated an investigation.