[Video] Drama In Rochester Falls: “Zamé mo tifi ti ale nazé sinon mo pa ti pou laise li alé”

Yolanda Dig Dig traveled with a group of friends to Rochester Falls yesterday November 14. She had never set foot there. But the irreparable happened when she found herself in trouble in the water.

Yolanda Dig Dig (medallion), 14, could not be saved in time by her friends during a trip to Rochester Falls yesterday.

Yolanda Dig Dig (medallion), 14, could not be saved in time by her friends during a trip to Rochester Falls yesterday.

While hiking with a group of friends, Yolanda Dig Dig lost her life, swept away by the currents of Rochester Falls yesterday. The resident of Bel-Ombre had just celebrated her 14th birthday on Sunday November 6.

James Dig Dig, father of the victim, does not understand how his daughter was able to swim in this water point. For him, it was mentioned that the gang of friends and two of his four children go on hiking only.

Il n’a jamais été question de nager. Sinon je n’aurai jamais laissé ma fille accompagner ses amis. Yolanda n’était jamais partie à Rochester Falls,” says James Dig Dig.

According to cross-references from police sources and collected on site, they were a group of about 20 young people who visited Rochester Falls yesterday morning. After lunch, the band of friends swam when Yolanda and three other comrades moved away.

A few minutes later, they found themselves in trouble in the water. After a moment of panic, the rest of the band came to their rescue but rescued only three of them. Yolanda Dig Dig did not get any chance.

It was around 2:30 pm that the National Coast Guard of Souillac was summoned to the scene. The body of the victim was recovered at the foot of the waterfall, one of the deepest places of the waterfall, according to some regulars present there. They added that they have seen a considerable increase in the water level after the showers of the last few days in this part of the island.

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The body was taken to Victoria Hospital in Candos for autopsy. At this stage of the investigation, the police of Souillac privileges the thesis of an accident. Yolanda Dig Dig was the youngest of her family and was in Form III at Keats College in Chemin-Grenier.

According to her father, she loved sports. “She was a popular girl in the neighborhood and at school. She was much appreciated. Je suis d’autant plus triste que sa marraine ne l’a pas vu depuis deux ans. Celle-ci prend l’avion de l’Angleterre et sera à Maurice pour les funérailles,” explains James Dig Dig, annihilated.

“Yolanda loved music as well as young people of her age. Sans oublier qu’elle ne ratait jamais un épisode de sa telenovela préférée à 18 h 30”. Her funeral took place today at 9:00 AM.