Electric Car: American Brand Tesla Soon In Mauritius

The American car brand Tesla will be imported to Mauritius. A showroom will open its doors in Forbach. You may have already crossed it in Mauritius, a Tesla Model S is indeed, on our roads. The company EV-Cars will soon import other second-hand copies of the American brand of premium electric cars.

Berth Milton is the owner of the first copy and director of EV-Cars. This Swedish businessman explains that at first, only the Model S will be available in Mauritius. The launch of the brand and this car will be held at the beginning of 2017. Berth Milton announces that a Tesla showroom will open its doors in the North of Mauritius. The importer explains that it will then be possible to buy a Model S second-hand in stock or order one copy.


“There is a market in Mauritius for this car. There is already a demand and it will be difficult for us to respond fully. There will be more demands than offers, “says Milton. The Tesla Model S is an electric car. Our test model, the P85 + has a motor developing 85 Kilowatt / hour (kWh), which corresponds to 421 horsepower on a heat engine.

Tesla announces a range of 400 kilometers. Nevertheless, in real conditions or with dynamic driving, the autonomy is less, but sufficient for the Mauritian roads and a daily use, according to Berth Milton. Charging is done through a conventional plug. The battery then recovers 55 kilometers of autonomy per hour of recharge. In addition, the importer plans to install some ‘super chargers’ across the country. They allow up to 80% recharge in about 30 minutes.

Currently, Tesla offers free refill through these facilities in the markets where the brand is present. Nevertheless, the American brand announced that these refills will soon pay off. The price of the Tesla Model S in Mauritius is still unknown. Nevertheless, it is a high-end car whose prices for new cars abroad start at about USD 60,000, or Rs 2.13 million, and reach about USD 100,000, or Rs 3.55 Million for the P85 + version. As a reminder, since 1st November 2016, excise duties on electric cars have been abolished. Nevertheless, transport costs, the margin of the importer and Value Added Tax (VAT) will have to be added.