Quatres-Bornes: A Municipal Advisor Shoots A Thief On The Foot

A businessman is accused of firing three shots at Jean Luc Desiré P., a resident of Trèfles, Rose-Hill, who had stolen chocolates from a supermarket.

A bullet in the foot for the price of a stolen chocolate is rather expensive paid. This is what happened on Friday 11th November 11 at around 6:30 pm to Jean Luc Desiré P., a resident of Trèfles, Rose-Hill. A municipal councilor in Quatre-Bornes sued him because he had taken the powder of scam after having made handfuls of chocolates in a supermarket in the vicinity of Quatre-Bornes managed by the father of the adviser.


The city councilor and his father allegedly chased the alleged thief in the car after he fled. They would have caught him and immobilized him in Trianon, and the municipal councilor would have fired in his direction. One of the bullets, caliber 0.22, would have injured Jean Luc Desiré P. at the foot.The latter was still able to return to his home. But the next day he went to the supermarket and blamed the manager for firing at him.

He would have asked for money not to bring the case to the police. A discussion ensued. The alleged thief would have uttered insults. The management then called the police. Sodnac policemen landed and found that Jean Luc Desiré P. was bleeding profusely. He was rushed to the hospital and a bullet was extracted from his foot.

On Tuesday 15th November, the Central Investigation Division of Rose Hill led by Superintendent Sam Bansoodeb arrested the municipal councilor’s father. In the presence of his lawyer Me Assad Peeroo, he denied the allegations against him. He said he did not shoot anyone and was not involved in the case.He said that Jean Luc Desiré P. had committed a robbery in his supermarket on Friday. But during a body search, no article was found on the suspect. Subsequently, when viewing the video recordings, supermarket management reportedly found that the man had indeed committed a theft.

The supermarket manager was detained. He will be charged with attempted murder in Rose-Hill Court on Wednesday. His home was searched and the police found a revolver and ten bullets. Although the man possessed a weapon permit, the police seized the revolver and bullets for the purposes of the investigation. For his part, the municipal councilor should go to the police this Wednesday with his lawyers, Mes Razack and Jamsheed Peeroo.