Death Of Rehman Dilloo: “Mo tifi 15 zan ti zét délo bouyante lo moua”

Tragic end for Rehman Dilloo. The resident of Telfair, Moka, died on Thursday November 17 at the unit of the burned of the Victoria hospital.

Rehman Dilloo.

Rehman Dilloo.

The 44-year-old man was hospitalized on November 7. On that day, he told the police that his 15-year-old daughter had thrown boiling water on him.

The teenager was arrested by Moka’s criminal police [CID]. At 6:00 PM, she was still being questioned by Inspector Vishal Cowlessur’s men. She told the investigators that it was by accident that her father suffered burns, according to our overlap.

Indrawtee Halooman, Rehman Dilloo’s mother, says his son was a “disciplined man”: “Il n’aimait pas que ses enfants partent dans la salle de bains avec leur téléphone portable. Il était révolté par ce genre de comportement.”

Rehman Dilloo, who worked on and off as a mason and a painter, leaves behind him a wife and two daughters, the youngest being 13 years old.