[Exclusive] Bel-Ombre: Vicky Moykoo Beaten And Life-Threatened By A Group Of Mafia

Vicky is a young man who reveals that he is petrified to get out of his house now. He says he has been beaten and terrorized by a group of mafia from the South of the island. See photos below:


He says that he is being forced to sell drugs by a group of dangerous men in the South region of the island. He had made a complaint to the Bel Ombre police station but nothing concreted on part of the police officers.

He further added that the police officers might have been bribed by the drug dealers to write off any complaints against them and thus he does not know whose help to seek.
Vicky also revealed that he was beaten several times by the men and had to be hospitalized when he refused to be part of their group.
According to his statements, these men produce their own drugs and they live in the Baie du Cap region.
Vicky is hence hoping to find a solution that will help him to lead a normal life.