[Video] Death Of Arvind Hurreechurn: Incursion Into Cell Number 14 Of Moka Detention Center

The Arvind Hurreechurn case dominated the Prime Minister’s Question Time (PMQT) on Tuesday (November 15th). While the leader of opposition leader Paul Bérenger quoted Mr. Hervé Lassemillante, Deputy Chairperson of the National Preventive Mechanism Division of the Commission on Human Rights, citing a “suspicious death” about the police officer’s death, Autopsy report was to confirm the thesis of suicide. The lawyer is also challenging the surveillance cameras at the Moka Detention Center.

What happened in cell number 14 on 29th October? In his response to the National Assembly, Xavier-Luc Duval (XLD), interim Prime Minister, suggested that the constable’s body had been found in a sitting position, hanging from the tap of his sink, one meter from the ground . He had used a towel attached to the tap to kill himself. It was in one of the three cells of the center, with 12 and 13, which includes a toilet and a sink.

Cell No. 14 is known to Ish Sookun as he spent five days there in February (Editor’s note, following his charge under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, for an anonymous e-mail case sent to the Premier’s office Minister). “The room is about eight feet long (2 m 40) and 6 feet wide (1 m 80),” he says.

To emphasize that the surveillance camera is located above the iron door of the cell. He said that at the time, it was operational. In the Parliament, however, XLD suggested that the center’s video surveillance system is defective. Meanwhile, Ish Sookun believes that “it would be impossible to tie a towel around the sink faucet unless the towel has been torn to make a rope.”

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