Xavier-Luc Duval: «Tot Ou Tard, Kréol Pu Rant Dan Parlman»

Xavier-Luc Duval, the interim Prime Minister made an announcement which might displease Sir Anerood Jugnauth. It was at the kick-off of the 11th International Kreol Festival (FIK) on this Thursday 17th  November at the  Octave Wiehe auditorium in Reduit.

According to him, the Kreol language will “sooner or later” enter Parliament because “se nou lang”. This announcement was well received by the audience who applauded it.


Xavier-Luc Duval explains that even if “éna pour, éna kont”, we must continue to work so that the Kreol can enter the Hemicycle before the next elections. According to him, it is a subject “ki travers bann parti politik”.

He added that not all members of Parliament were comfortable speaking French. “Tou dimunn dakor pu ki sa arivé”, he insisted.

Speaking of the FIK, Xavier-Luc Duval recalled that the objective of this festival is not to «fer amizman akoz la fin lané» but rather to advance and valorize the Creole culture in Mauritius. “Nou envi ki lang kreol pran so plas ki li mérité dan la societe.

” For the Acting Prime Minister, the Kreol language has several advantages: it is easy to use, pictorial and «exprim nou lumour». He added that «Kreol inificater nou péi, li mem éna so grafi. Nou bizin fier nou zanset, nou rasin».