Baie-Du-Tombeau: 46-Year-Old John Kwan Peng Killed By Crashing Against A Wall

John Kwan Peng, a resident of Baie-du-Tombeau, was on his scooter on Thursday when he hit a wall in Saint Joseph. The father of 46 years died on the spot. The police has opened an investigation.

John Kwan Peng died of a fractured skull.

John Kwan Peng died of a fractured skull.

The number of deaths on our roads amounted to 126 on Thursday. The latest victim is John Kwan Peng, a 46-year-old father. The resident of Baie-du-Tombeau was on his scooter when he hit a wall on Thursday, on the royal road to St. Joseph. When Samu arrived, he was already dead.

The Terre-Rouge police has opened an investigation. The forty-year-old man works for a food chain in the capital. It was after his service, around 2:30 AM, that the drama occurred.

John Kwan Peng went to drop a friend before heading to his home. The motorcyclist was on the main road to Saint-Joseph to go to Baie-du-Tombeau when he hit the entrance wall of a house. He was projected a few meters away.


The Terre-Rouge police and Samu went to the scene. Unfortunately, the doctor of the Samu could only note the death of the motorcyclist. The autopsy revealed that he died of a fractured skull.

Among the relatives of John Kwan Peng, there is consternation. His wife and daughters are annihilated. “John was always vigilant on the road,” says a friend of the victim. Since one of his daughters is abroad, the funeral of the motorcyclist is scheduled this Sunday November 20.