Drug Raid At Cité Sainte-Claire Goodlands: Four Arrests And Synthetic Drugs Seized

The ‘cité’ of Sainte-Claire in Goodlands was under massive police inspection on Friday afternoon 18th November. Several police units, including the Special Support Unit (SSU), police helicopter, Drug Brigade [Adsu] and commandos of the Mauritian Police Task Force (GIPM) participated in this operation.

Massive police operation in Sainte Claire, Goodlands.

Massive police operation in Sainte Claire, Goodlands.

The objective was to track individuals suspected of drug trafficking. Four suspects were arrested during the operation and a certain amount of synthetic drug was seized. Several residents of the ‘cité’ of Sainte-Claire gathered at the time of this operation.

But calm returned in the early evening. The various police units left at 6.30 pm. On 3rd November more than Rs 5 million was found at the place of an inhabitant of the same locality who was suspected of having been the source of drug trafficking.