Fire Shots At Trianon: Dooshiant Ramluckhun: “Il Voulait Me Tuer Et Je Me Suis Défendu”

Rebound in the investigation of shots fired at a suspected thief in Trianon on Friday 11th of November. The gunman, a councilor of the municipality of Quatre-Bornes confessed to having pulled the trigger.

The city councilor of Quatre-Bornes reproached Jean Luc Désiré P. for stealing chocolate bars from the self-service Super Unic that his father Parsad Ramluckhun held in Sodnac. Dooshiant Ramluckhun recounts that on that day, while watching the images of the surveillance cameras, he caught the theft of Jean Luc Desiré P. Dooshiant Ramluckhun said that his father and he spun the “thief” .


They argue that they were in a car while the “thief” was hurrying. Arriving in the Ebène region, Jean Luc Desiré P. would have seen them. He then attempted to stab the son of the Super Unic owner. He made it clear that he fired two shots as a summons to defend himself. Jean Luc Desiré P., who was said to be armed with stones, tried to throw them at him.

Jean Luc Désiré P. who was on the spot bleeding profusely. Alerted, the police went to the supermarket. Questioned, this inhabitant of Trèfles related that the day before, he had been hit by bullets. Arrested, father and son appeared at Rose-Hill Court on Wednesday.

A provisional charge of “use of firearm to intimidate” weighs on them. They are defended by Assad Peeroo, Jamsheed Peeroo and Raouf Gulbul. They had to pay a bond of Rs 10,000 and sign a debt recognition of Rs 100,000 each, in order to get parole. The firearms they hold will be analyzed.