“Merci PTr” Banner: “Zot pu koné ar mwa !” Said Angered Soodhun

«Zamé nou fer sa nou. Zot pé krwar zot ine for avek 200 dimoun zot ine gagné dan Rempart là…» Interim Prime Minister Showkutally Soodhun did not hide his anger at the inauguration of the Parisot Municipal Complex in Vacoas on Saturday (November 19th).

The reason: the presence of a Labor Party banner on which is inscribed “Merci Parti Travailliste” on the roof of a house adjoining the complex. In anger, Showkutally Soodhun plans to go to the Central Barracks tonight to make a statement. Contacted by the express, the president of the PTr displays serenity. “We came to support a friend of the Labor Party who had put a banner on the roof of his house! “He said.


He goes on to say that he does not understand the reaction of the police this afternoon at the inauguration of the municipal complex. “We were shoved by the police for nothing.” According to Patrick Assirvaden, “it is quite normal that the inhabitants of the region thank us, Labor, for the complex that we built. Today’s government just inaugurated it! ”