[Video] Roche-Bois: A Drunk And Armed Police Officer Caught On Camera Riding A Motorcycle

This drunken policeman could have found himself on the ground with his motorcycle or cause a serious accident. Young people intervened to ensure his safety and those of other motorists.

The scene was filmed on November 11 at 10:30 AM in Roche-Bois. The author of the video and the witnesses want the police commissioner to take severe penalties against this law enforcement officer.

“The policeman in uniform could not stand on his legs. He seemed completely drunk. He could have been the victim of an accident or hit someone,” says an onlooker. “We took him down from his motorcycle and guided him to a green space for him to rest. Moreover, he had a gun in his belt. His jacket wore the insignia of the Mauritius Police Force,” said the author of the video.

Watch video:

The three-minute video shows a police officer in his fifties, a helmet on his head. In his delirium, he engages in conversation with the people around him.

“Ein to pe tir mo foto, atann mo pou montre twa enn ti moman,” he says.

” You are drunk. Get off your bike, you’re going to kill somebody,” one of the onlookers said.
The policeman denies and replies:

“Pou to informasion, to pa pou kapav fer nanie. To fini tir foto, mo bien kontan. Mo pa bizin ou. Sa motosiklet-la mo turbo sa.”
At the insistence of the public, the police officer cooperated with the onlooker. A member of the public helps and holds him by the hand. He is displeased that he is being filmed. He makes an obscene gesture towards the author of the video.

“To fini filme, hein ! Film sa osi,” he said, making a vulgar gesture.
He could barely stand and then he sits on the ground before a member of the public accompanies him to a garden next to him to rest and regain his spirits.

When asked for comment, Inspector Shiva Coothen of the Police Press Office said that he saw the video: “The police must first establish the identity of the alleged police officer. In light of the investigation, the police will initiate appropriate actions.”