[Video] Rome: Maurice Piat Raised To The Rank Of Cardinal

Maurice now counts a cardinal in his Church. Just a few minutes ago on this Saturday 19th November, Mgr Piat received his barrette and his cardinalices ring from Pope Francois. He now holds the parish of Sainte-Thérèse in Italy.



The ceremony was held in the Vatican at the Basilica of St-Pierre in Rome. The Pope raised to the rank of cardinal of 17 men of church of different horizons. Maurice Piat was the fifth on the list to receive the blessings of the head of the Christian Church.

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The ring is the symbol of an even stronger bond between man and the Church. The ceremony took place in a solemn atmosphere full of emotion, because it is not often that diverse cultures from all over the world reach this rank at the same time.


After the ceremony, the new cardinals met with the newly elected and other members of the College of Cardinals. In his speech, Pope Francois justified his choice by focusing on the immigrant problem that is affecting Europe at the moment. “They are called enemies because they have a different language and skin color,” he said.

The universality of this new college of Cardinalate is a strong sign that he wished to send to the people. After the speech, he handed over the bar, the ring and the creation bubble to the 17 new cardinals.