Daily Horoscope: November 20, 2016


It will be much easier to find peace and quiet. When life becomes too hectic, take a break. Even an action-oriented person like you needs to rest from time to time. Have you been worrying about money? Take up a spiritual practice that allows you to transcend mundane problems for a few moments each day. There is more to life than paying bills and meeting responsibilities. By pouring energy into activities that uplift and inspire you, financial difficulties won’t seem so dire.


Spending time with fellow humanitarians will be soothing. One of the best ways to feel better about society is to get involved with a charitable organisation. Donating time and money to a good cause will make you realise that most people really are kind. The more you surround yourself with these philanthropists, the sunnier your outlook will be. It will also become easier to attract the financial and romantic opportunities you want.


Use your creativity, intuition and imagination at work. Following old routines will result in a lacklustre performance. You should put an inventive spin on an old medium. If you’ve been thinking about offering a new product or service, talk to your employer. They’ll appreciate your vision and implement your suggestion. Are you self-employed? You’ll easily attract a good client who not only embraces your talent but also pays their bills on time. This customer will spread the word of your gifts far and wide.


Exploring a philosophical question will be empowering. You’re determined to live by your moral code, even if it causes complications in your personal and professional lives. Never be afraid to oppose a plan when asked to do something unethical. Too often, people feel pressured to go along with the program, even when following these directives creates a crisis of conscience. By standing up for what is right, you’ll attract lots of supporters who are also distressed by an immoral rule.


You want to spend more time with someone special. Instead of pouring all your energy into work, you’ll plan some intimate outings, take more holidays and be more available for your amour. Are you single? You’ll meet someone special at a religious or creative event. The chemistry between you will be powerful. If you’ve been reluctant to get involved in a love affair, get ready for a change. All your reservations will fly out the window when you catch sight of someone who makes your pulse pound.


A close partnership will help you make a courageous decision. You’re ready to move away from a toxic job, even if it means earning less money. Devoting more time to activities that are spiritually and emotionally rewarding will be therapeutic. As you begin to heal from a difficult professional experience, you’ll attract bigger and better job opportunities. Work that draws on your creative talent will be a welcome change. Go out and celebrate with your best friend or romantic partner.


Working behind the scenes will be comforting, but your impressive creativity attracts critics to you like bees to a honeypot. While you appreciate constructive feedback, you’re tired of fielding nasty remarks by people who are consumed by jealousy. You have a chance to develop a project away from prying eyes. Are you unemployed? Apply for jobs with charitable or humanitarian organisations. Getting paid to help others will be a good outlet for your generous spirit.


It’s time to indulge in pleasure and luxury. Recently, you’ve been putting your needs aside for the sake of friends, relatives and colleagues. Now you’ve fulfilled these obligations, you’re ready to spoil yourself. Whether this means enjoying a movie marathon, shopping trip or spa treatment is immaterial. The important thing is to listen to your heart’s desire. Don’t feel guilty about spending more money than usual on purchases that make your heart sing. You’re long overdue for a treat.


Your family is a source of tremendous comfort. If you haven’t been feeling well, ask your nearest and dearest for help. A caring relative will be happy to prepare some comfort food for you. They’ll also run errands, accompany you to the doctor or pick up prescriptions. You’ve always clung tightly to your independence. This can become problematic when your energy is low. Stop being stubborn and accept the care available to you. The sooner you push your ego aside, the happier and healthier you will be.


This is a good time to visualise what you want from life. Instead of worrying about the future, imagine your ideal future. This will cultivate a feeling of prosperity that acts like a magnet for love, money and opportunity. Being happy is a matter of practice. When you regularly make choices to adopt an optimistic outlook, you deflect misfortune. Negative people stop undermining you. Best of all, toxic situations start to abate, giving you a chance to move to higher ground.


Trust your imagination when it comes to making money. Instead of following a conventional path, you can be successful by providing unusual goods and services to the world. Stuffy people will turn up their noses at your work, but don’t worry. While they heap you with distain, you’ll be prospering. Use part of your first earnings to take a relaxing holiday. Spending time by an ocean, river or lake will wash away any toxic energy that has accumulated in recent months.


People come to you for advice. That’s because you don’t buy into conventional wisdom. Instead of being distracted by financial problems and troublemakers, you hone in on the true difficulty. With the precision of a surgeon, you’re able to remove the conflict and pave the way for healing. Have you been trying to decide which direction to take with a creative project? A breakthrough will occur, allowing you to move forward with confidence. Get to work and don’t look back. Your success is virtually guaranteed.