[Exclusive] J&J Auditorium, Phoenix: “La polis arét moua ék zour moua gro bétiz”

One of our fans contacted us today, Saturday November 19 and revealed that he was stopped by police officers at J&J Auditorium in Phoenix for a routine check at 6:10 PM.


Police woman uses foul language at road user during routine check in Phoenix.

According to the victim, the police woman in the photo above used foul languages towards him. He could not do anything at that time and coped.

Note: the video will be put online once the user agrees on publishing it.

Later during the night, he received a call from the police station and was told that he did not stop during a routine check at Phoenix. A case has been made against him and was called at the police station.

The victim alleges that he is victim of a false case and do not know where to turn. Is this how our police force operates? Please leave your say below if you have experienced something similar..