Le Pouce Mountain: 17-Year-Old Hushnah Abdool Evacuated By Helicopter After Fainting

A rescue operation was initiated by the Police Information & Operation Room (PIOR) at the Central Barracks after a teenage girl fainted near the top of Le Pouce Mountain today, Sunday November 20.

Rescue operation by the SMF and GIPM team at Le Pouce Mountain.

Rescue operation by the SMF and GIPM team at Le Pouce Mountain.

Members of the Mauritian Police Intervention Group (GIPM) were first called on Sunday, November 20, but due to the deteriorating health status of this 17-year-old Goodlands resident, the police helicopter went to retrieve her, once the authorization of the police commissioner Mario Nobin was obtained.

Shortly before 1:00 AM, Sergeant Nirmal of PIOR received a telephone call from a police inspector. The latter explains to him that a teenager doing a group hike fainted. These Goodlands hikers were then a few meters from the summit.

Sergeant Nirmal then initiated a rescue operation consisting of the GIPM elements, after informing his supervisor police superintendent Dawan, and deputy police commissioner Mukhtar Din Taujoo. Meanwhile he receives another call telling him that the condition of the teenager has deteriorated. This is when the police helicopter was used.

At 12:30 PM, the police helicopter, with the teenage girl on board, landed on the soccer field at the Central Barracks, where an ambulance from the Emergency Medical Aid Service was waiting for her. The teenager was subsequently evacuated to the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital in Port-Louis, where care was provided before she was placed under observation.