Bruno Meunier Dies Electrocuted: “Samedi li ti fini aseté bague maryaz,” Said His Bro-in-law

Bruno Joseph Meunier, 42 years old, had so many projects in his life. He wanted to marry Manuella, his companion for seven years, but fate decided otherwise. This painter of 42 years old died electrocuted last Monday November 14 at his workplace in Flic-en-Flac.

Bruno Meunier.

Bruno Meunier.

Cruel blow of the fate. Bruno Joseph Meunier, a Cap-Malheureux resident, died in tragic circumstances on Monday November 14. The 42-year-old painter was involved in renovations at the Sea Villa apartments in Flic-en-Flac. He was on the roof when he touched an electric cable. He did not survive. All his plans and dreams have flown with his death. He wanted to marry Manuella at all costs, the woman with whom he shared seven years of common life.

The villa where the drama occurred.

The villa where the drama occurred.

Bruno Meunier is described as a man without stories. Worker and resourceful, he earned his life like a painter for several years. Above all, he wanted to finish the building of his house in order to marry his sweetheart Manuella. “He worked hard to complete his house. Linn preske fini. Inn ariv lor dal,” says Claudio, Bruno’s brother-in-law.

“When there was no work, Bruno was earning his living at sea. He was anxious to finish his house,” he told us. The great day approached. “He lived with my sister-in-law for seven years and wanted to marry her. On Saturday, he had bought a wedding ring. It was only a matter of weeks,” he said.

On Sunday, Claudio explains, “we worked at sea, then we went at a birthday party. He did not want to drink alcohol because he said he had to wake up early the next day to get to work in Flic-en-Flac,” Claudio adds.

Projected on the ground
He was accompanied by a relative who went to the Sea Villa. The building is under renovation. It was shortly after 11 o’clock when Bruno went up on the roof. As he focused on his work, he touched an electric cable that was lying in a puddle of water. The discharge was immediate. Under the shock, the painter was thrown to the ground. He lost consciousness at that time.

Not seeing him coming down, the other workers went up to the roof to see what happened when they discovered him inert. The emergency services were immediately informed. The Flic-en-Flac police, Tamarin firefighters, elements of the Special Operation Division and the Samu were summoned on the spot. However, the Samu confirmed the death. The autopsy revealed that Bruno Meunier died from a shock due to an electric shock.

This news upset the victim’s relatives. “Bruno was jovial, amiable and hard-working,” said Jean-Marc, a friend. “Mone gagn enn call kinn dir mwa Bruno inn tonbe. Monn dir amen li lopital. Me mone regagn enn lot call kot monn apran ki linn mor. Bruno ti enn garson bien trankil. Manuella est inconsolable,” says Claudio. The painter’s funeral took place on Tuesday November 15.