Daily Horoscope: November 21, 2016


You’ll have an opportunity to expand your horizons. Taking up a religious practice, getting an advanced degree and going on a spiritual pilgrimage are among the possibilities. It will feel wonderful to break with routine. If you don’t have the money for tuition or travel, take up a writing project. Putting your thoughts on paper will be good. You’re starting to make sense of emotional events that happened long ago. Time passing has lent perspective. Release an oppressive relative’s power over you.


Legal activity involving a will, insurance policy or joint financial account will be quickly resolved. An issue will be decided in your favour, causing you to rejoice. A nice little windfall is on its way; use it to take a trip or fund the next step on your journey to fame and fortune. You have a tendency to get caught in ruts. Forcing yourself to try new things will help you grow in pleasing ways. You have tremendous potential. The best way to fulfill it is to explore unfamiliar territory at every opportunity.


A partnership will be lucky for you. Someone with good contacts in the retail or educational field will help you get the sort of job you have been hoping for. You have a tendency to give up too quickly when things don’t go your way. By asking your friend for help, you’ll be able to vault over obstacles and realise your goal. Are you lonely? Join forces with an adventurous person you meet at a spiritual gathering. This alliance will be a source of tremendous comfort.


If you’ve been looking for work, you’ll be offered a stimulating job. Any opportunities involving education, publishing and international business are strongly recommended. If the position involves lots of travel, take it. Getting paid to see the world will be the answer to a prayer. If you’re not looking for work, focus on your health. Starting an exercise regime will make you look and feel much better. Outdoor activities will be especially effective. Walking, biking and hiking will give you an attractive glow.


Satisfy your love of play. Lately, you’ve been bogged down with family responsibilities. These duties are starting to lift, giving you more time for the people and activities you love. Booking an overseas holiday will fill you with excitement. Visit a place that has fascinated you since childhood. If you don’t have the money for an expensive trip, enjoy a staycation. Take this opportunity to catch up on your reading, listen to music and enjoy a movie marathon.


Tidying up your household will relieve stress. You’ve been so busy with errands that you’ve let clutter accumulate. Take a few moments out of your busy schedule to fold laundry, stow away supplies and deep clean the bathroom. Coming home to an orderly environment will make you breathe a sigh of relief. You’re tired of searching for items that are buried under piles of mail, laundry and books. If you want to buy or sell some property, this is the perfect time to do so.


You’ll be busy with errands. Take this opportunity to go to the bank, post office and library. Catch up on your correspondence. Stock the pantry. Take in your car for a tune up. Attend to those time consuming tasks you ordinarily put off because you’re too consumed with personal and professional matters. Getting these tasks crossed off your list of things to do will be empowering. Give yourself a nice reward when you finish. A quick pleasure trip or a visit to a bookstore will be refreshing.


Your financial situation will greatly improve. A lucrative job will be offered. Alternatively, you could sell your handiwork for a handsome profit. Paying off a big bill is another possibility. Once this debt is erased, you’ll be able to keep a greater amount of your income. Now that you don’t have to be so frugal, you should splash out on a luxury item that has been tugging at your heart for months. It feels wonderful to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Your natural optimism attracts luck like a magnet. If you’ve been facing a challenge, assume everything will work to your advantage. Your positive attitude will help you overcome any obstacle. Rivals will move out of your way, money will miraculously appear and love will burst into flower. People who radiate gloom and doom should be avoided. You don’t want to absorb their negative energy. In the unlikely event you get terrible news, assume it is a blessing in disguise.


Attending to your spiritual needs will be satisfying. You’re tired of giving all your energy to family and professional matters. Reading inspirational books, listening to uplifting music and communing with nature will help you forget worldly concerns. If you’ve been thinking of taking up a religious practice, do it. A comforting ritual will remind you there is more to life than what is visible and tangible. Keep this activity a secret if you think your loved ones will mock it.


Your social life is picking up, which is exciting. Instead of spending all your time at work, attend a few parties and family outings. Connecting with your nearest and dearest will put life in proper perspective. After talking to someone who always makes you laugh, a difficult situation will seem much less oppressive. You’ll even be able to ignore an annoying colleague who is threatened by your talent. Instead of getting drawn into power struggles with this jealous troublemaker, you’ll be able to smile at their desperate antics.


Your extensive experience will put you in the spotlight at work. Sharing advanced knowledge with others will be rewarding. When dealing with those who can’t seem to grasp what you’re on about you’re able to present the information in a way they will understand. As a result, you’ll attract a loyal following. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to teach a formal course after several successful training sessions. This will bring in the extra money you want to travel the world.