Politics: Alliance Party Malin/PTr ?

Alliance or not? This may seem like a farce, but there is an increasingly visible reconciling, according to some relatives of the PTr! In any case, the leader of the Party Malin, Danrajsingh Aubeeluck, suggests that he will have a meeting with the leader of the Labor Party and the former Prime Minister at la rue Desforges in Port-Louis on Monday November 21.


After his irruption at the PTr congress on May 20, the Party Malin leader puts it this way. Indeed, the two leaders will discuss political issues, says a relative of the PTr. This meeting will focus mainly on peace, tranquility, happiness and prosperity in the country.

The leader of the Party Malin said that there should be a law to give an allowance of Rs 2,700 to each unemployed citizen and that the salaries of the deputies should be reduced by 50%.

Finally, the “coze-cozer” have already started… Stay tuned! Please leave your say below..