Rose-Belle: A Bookmaker’s Cashier Invents A Theft Of Rs. 500, 000

The employee of a southern bookmaker recorded a statement of a theft at the Rose-Belle police station on Friday November 18.

Jacques Laval Emmanuel Mariappa, 25, alleged that two individuals armed with saber had attacked him and robbed Rs 500,000. But during the investigation, he found himself in the dock. The bloodhounds gathered evidence against him and his two accomplices were also arrested by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Rose-Belle.

The Rose-Belle police station.

The Rose-Belle police station.

The Stanley resident told the police that he was at his workplace on Friday night and that he had two bags containing Rs 500,000 in his possession. His colleague Rohan Mungra was also with him when two armed men wearing full-face helmets stormed into the building and stole the two bags containing the money before escaping.

The Rose-Belle CID bloodhounds watched the images of the surveillance cameras and found no one coming in at the indicated time. Inspector Kedoo’s men then questioned Rohan Mungra, 21 years old and living in Floreal. He quickly revealed that Jacques Laval Emmanuel Mariappa recorded a statement to report an imaginary theft.

“‘Pa ti ena okenn voler ki ti vini e Jacques finn mont enn plan.’ He handed over some of the money to another colleague, Ahmed Kootbaully,” Rohan Mungra told the investigators. The young man was placed under arrest for complicity.

Jacques Laval Emmanuel Mariappa and Ahmed Kootbaully, 41 years old and living in Bois-Chéri, were arrested. Jacques Laval Mariappa maintained that he was attacked by two armed thieves. As for Ahmed Kootbaully, he confessed that Jacques Laval Emmanuel Mariappa have planned this whole story.

A portion of the booty, a sum of Rs 71,000, was recovered. On Saturday, the three suspects appeared before the Bail and Remand Court. Jacques Laval Emmanuel Mariappa is charged with two charges: “effecting public mischief” and “larceny in receipt of wages”. The other two suspects were charged with conspiracy.