[Video] Watch The 3rd Episode Of Menteur Menteur

He complains of the press interest for his in-laws and describes those who speak of his family as “cowards”. What Pravind Jugnauth does not say is that at least three members of his in-laws were appointed by the government and that the ties could even affect the composition of the cabinet if it comes to power.

This is what is revealed by the investigation of “Menteur Menteur?” on the genealogical tree of the in-laws of Pravind Jugnauth. The third episode was posted on Sunday by L’Express.

Watch video:

Also in this episode, the contradictions between SAJ, XLD and Pravind Jugnauth on the dismissal of Megh Pillay. It is a subject that, according to the production, has “maddened the detector of lies”.

Do not miss the topic “Soodhun strikes again”. True to his habit, the Minister of Lands was the author of an enormity, but in “Menteur Menteur?” you will discover one of his other facets: Soodhun le cachotier.