Ackbar Goolamgoskhan: Accused Of Burning His Wife

From 19 to 24 June 2017: it is during this period that the case of Ackbar Goolamgoskhan will be heard before judge Benjamin Marie Joseph in court of assizes. The resident of Triolet, aged thirty years, appeared in court of assizes, this Tuesday, November 22.

He is accused of burning long live his wife, Zarina, aged 24, in December 2013. He faces a charge of manslaughter. In court, his lawyer Me Ridwaan Toorbuth confirmed that he had received the prosecution case but claimed he did not have the full medical report of the autopsy.


“I made a request to the Ministry of Health but to no avail. I ask that the trial be heard on the merits, “said Toorbuth.

On her deathbed at the Victoria Hospital, Zarina Goolamgoskhan, the mother of a baby less than a year old, had incriminated her husband. According to her, Ackbar Goolamgoskhan sprayed her with alcohol before breaking a match .

The accused then denied these accusations, claiming that the young woman had burned herself while cooking. However, the relatives of the victim said that Akbar Goolamgoskhan regularly beat his wife and that they would argue about the pension they received just before the tragedy.