Study Abroad: Canadian Permanent Resident More Accessible

Good news for Mauritians studying in Canada. The Department of Citizenship and Immigration of this country announced Monday 14th November that the conditions for obtaining a residence permit for foreigners studying there will be lightened. This will enable students to apply earlier and have a greater chance of obtaining this permit.

Currently, a degree from a Canadian university does not count at all to obtain a residence permit. But that will no longer be the case. “The law now takes into consideration study time,” says Dorish Chitson, director of the Overseas Education Center. (OVEC). For example, for a foreigner who has studied for four years, two of her years of study are now taken into account, she says.

“It only takes an extra year to qualify for a residence permit.” At the same time, obtaining a job will now be a less important factor when the Canadian Immigration Department will decide on the granting of the permit.


“Before, we got an automatic work permit for three years after graduation. But if we were not hired by large companies, we were not very likely to have a residence permit to stay in Canada longer, “says Nikhil Ramburrun, who is studying electrical engineering at the university Of Waterloo.

Indeed, it was necessary to be recruited to obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) which counted 600 points. Without it, “it was almost impossible to stay,” says the Mauritian. Today, obtaining a job, and therefore an LMIA, brings only 200 points to a candidate if it is a management position and 50 points for any other position. While 30 points are automatically assigned to a candidate who has completed his / her studies in Canada.

Kelina Murdymootoo, a student at St Mary’s University, is relieved. “I study chemical engineering and there are not many prospects in this field in Mauritius.” Obtaining a residence permit, she adds, guarantees that she will study at a lower price.

For the Director of OVEC, these changes place Canada in pole position as a student destination. “There has been a growing demand for this country for a while,” she said.