[Audio] No Kidney For Hemant Roopun Because Of The Law “Samdi matin kan monn al fer tes lopital, zot finn refiz moi”

Hemant Kumar Roopun thought he had found the light at the end of the tunnel, but the disappointment was great for this inhabitant of Grand-Bois. This employee of the Beach Authority cannot benefit from a kidney because the man who offered to offer one does not have the same blood relationship as him. The Human Tissue Removal and Preservation Act states that only a member of the patient’s family is capable of donating its organ.

Aged 37, Hemant Kumar Roopun underwent an ablation of the kidneys on 29th of March. Since then, this father of three children was desperately looking for a blood donator compatible with the O + blood group. Because, without a graft, his body cannot evacuate the urine.

Hemant Kumar Roopun was on Xplik ou K on Radio Plus last week to launch a call to a compatible donor. Marcelin Marianne, a 37-year-old pig farmer living in Baie-du-Tombeau, did not remain insensitive to the call of Hemant Kumar Roopun.


On Thursday 17th of November after the publication of this desperate appeal, Marcelin Marianne replied “yes”. After an interview, the two men met on Saturday November 19th to carry out tests. But Hemant Kumar Roopun says he learned on that day that he will not have a kidney because the donor does not have the same blood relationship as he has, as stipulated by the Human Tissue Removal and Preservation Act. This law specifies that only a member of the patient’s family is able to donate his organ.

“’Samdi matin kan monn al fer tes lopital, zot finn refiz moi.’ Au départ, ils m’ont dit que le donneur doit avoir le même groupe sanguin que le mien. ‘Mai okenn mo fami pa konpatib pou fer sa don la. Zot finn refiz moi’,” said Hemant Kumar Roopun.

Speaking in turn, Dr. Anand Gaya, head of the internal medicine department at Rose-Belle Hospital, explained that any organ transplant should be done in accordance with the law. “By next week, an Indian doctor will be in Mauritius. He is a specialist in the law of organ transplantation. During his visit, he will be able to give his opinion on the issue,” says Dr. Anand Gaya.

This law is described as “ridiculous” by Dr. Satish Boolell, former head of the medico-legal department, who was also involved in the Xplik ou K. According to Dr. Satish Boolell, “to fight a law, you have to use the law.” One organization took corneal transplants from South Africa.

“Finn pran pu enn dimunn ki ou pa kone”. Everyone knows that the largest organ bank is in Sri Lanka. This is a ridiculous law,” says Dr. Satish Boolell. But hope is allowed for Hemant Kumar Roopun. With the voluntary assistance of lawyer Neelkanth Dulloo, he will file an affidavit in the office of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Health by Friday 25th November. Affidavit in which Hemant Kumar Roopun will appeal to the state to exercise his discretion to authorize Marcelin Marianne, the donor, to offer him his kidney.