Daily Horoscope: Wednesday November 23, 2016


Professional activities related to law, teaching, publishing and travel will be successful. If you’re looking for work, explore jobs in these fields. Learning another trade will be a welcome challenge. You’re not the type who likes to spend years and years in the same place. Taking a position that involves lots of business trips would be ideal. Being on the move keeps boredom from setting in. It also helps you develop an added appreciation for your home life.


Expenses are mounting and you are getting nervous. It’s possible your partner is unemployed and you’ve been paying all the bills. Until they find work, you will continue to struggle. If it’s not possible for them to earn a living, think of ways to downsize. The less financial pressure you experience, the easier it will be to withstand this challenging period. It will also help to pursue interests outside your relationship. Make more time in your schedule to bake, garden and create art.


Fulfil a promise you made to a partner long ago. If you don’t, your partnership will fall by the wayside. It takes hard work and sacrifice to preserve a union. At times, you will resent all the burdens placed upon you. When this happens, think back to those moments when you benefitted from this relationship. If you can’t think of any, then you should part ways. Being expected to do all the heavy lifting is unfair. You deserve to be with someone who is willing to both give and take.


Take a medical professional’s advice seriously. Revising your diet and exercise regime will make you feel much better. It’s hard for you to break out of routines. You take comfort in knowing what will come next. Instead of yearning for the old days, focus on creating a new way of doing things. It takes a month to get accustomed to a habit. Remember this when your resolve starts to fail. Once this short period of discomfort is over, making smart choices will become as natural as breathing.


It’s important to take your creative talent seriously. Devoting more time to the creative side of life will be rewarding. You’ll radiate happiness and attract luck like a magnet. Don’t be surprised when it becomes much easier to find work and love. If you want to make money from your handiwork, ask a professional website designer to create an online store for you. This will allow you to showcase your work in an inexpensive but effective way. Give it several test runs to ensure the site is easily navigated.


Taking care of a housing issue is imperative. If your rent is about to go up, think about moving to another place. While it’s inconvenient to pack everything and go elsewhere, it will be more economical than staying put. Do you own your place? Approach the bank to refinance your loan. Getting better terms on an interest rate will save lots of money. Launching a home based business is another possibility. Create a comfortable office space that is set apart from your living quarters.


Getting additional training will improve your professional prospect. Although the prospect of taking a difficult test is daunting, you should start studying for it anyway. Hire a tutor if you can’t make heads or tails of complicated concepts. Instead of trying to cram all the knowledge into your head right before the test, devote an hour each day to your studies over several months. This will allow you to truly master your subject, helping you to pass the exam with flying colours.


Don’t let a fear of poverty keep you from taking a risk. An exciting job has become available. Although it will mean a temporary pay cut, you should still apply for it. When you do what you love, the money will follow. You’re a very resourceful person. Living on a shoestring budget won’t be very difficult. Keep reminding yourself the situation is temporary. As you gain more experience and achieve several victories, you’ll quickly rise up the ladder to success. Be patient.


A great deal of work has been heaped onto your plate. Take this opportunity to get yourself organised. Stock up on supplies, make a list of things to do and tidy your work area. This will make it much easier to carry out your duties in a timely manner. It will also help to weed out your email, getting rid of messages that are no longer relevant. This will help you easily find the communications you want. You’ll also earn the respect of someone who hasn’t treated you seriously.


Working behind the scenes feels thankless at times. Instead of yearning for recognition, focus on doing a good job for its own sake. There’s more to life than fame and acclaim. Adopting a humble attitude will cultivate contentment. Instead of basing your self-esteem on what others think, you’ll be happy with yourself. This will be empowering. Suddenly, you’ll have the courage to pursue goals that were once intimidating. You already have everything you need to succeed.


Don’t be afraid to ask an influential friend for a reference. They’ll be happy to put in a good word for you with the powers that be. Although you prefer attaining success on your own merits, it’s not always possible. Sometimes you have to use social connections to get where you want. Take comfort in the knowledge that when you get a job, you’ll use your influence to help others who are struggling. You’re not the type who enjoys working solely for your own interests.


You’re about to attain a position of authority. Pause to enjoy this moment in the sun. You’ve worked hard to get to this position. It’s been especially challenging for an introvert like you to promote your agenda. Now you’ve reached your goal, you can relax. The next order of business is building a good team. Beware of indulging in nepotism. It’s more important to give jobs to capable people than demonstrate your loyalty. Evaluate workers solely on the basis of their strengths.