[Exclusive] Quatres Bornes: Police Officer Durveen Juggernauth Arrested: “Mone kokin mo mama pou mo drogué”

After police officers were arrested for drug offenses including the drunk and armed motorcycle rider, another member of the police was arrested on Tuesday November 22. He is Durveen Juggernauth, 35, posted to the Special Supporting Unit.

Durveen Juggernauth was taken to the Moka Detention Center (photo) after his appearance in court.

Durveen Juggernauth was taken to the Moka Detention Center (photo) after his appearance in court.

On Friday November 18, an inhabitant of Quatre-Bornes was the victim of robbery. Flower pots, a gas bottle, a microwave and jewelry were robbed. The victim is none other than the mother of police officer Durveen Juggernauth. She recorded a statement at the police station in Sodnac. She argues that in the past her son threatened her. He was buying drugs with the money extorted.

The officers of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Quatre-Bornes are looking into this matter. Constable Durveen Juggernauth was wanted since Friday. His colleagues arrested him on Tuesday November 22 in Quatre-Bornes. He was taken to the CID office for the purposes of the investigation.

During his interrogation he was quick to confess his crime. He confessed to stealing these flower pots and the gas cylinder, but denied taking away the jewelry. He also revealed the motive for his misdeeds: “Monn kokin kot mo mama pou mo kapav gagn larzan pou mo droge,” supported the constable who joined the police force in 2002.

However, he has not yet given details on the identity of the receiver to whom he sold the stolen goods. After his interrogation, he was brought before the Rose-Hill court. A charge of theft was laid against him. The police objected to his bail. Durveen Juggernauth was taken to the Moka Detention Center. The investigation is being conducted by Inspector Venkatachellum, under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent of Police Thug and Superintendent of Police Bansoodeb.