Grand-Gaube: Rs. 1 Million Worth Of Cannabis Seized; Arnaud Anderson Marquet Arrested

The Goodlands Criminal Investigation Division (CID) seized 1 kg and 55 g of cannabis valued at Rs 1 million, hidden in bushes at Grand Gaube on Saturday November 19. Arnaud Anderson Marquet, 38, was arrested on Tuesday (November 22nd) during an operation by the Mauritian Police Task Force (GIPM). The thirty-year-old is suspected of being a trafficker.


The suspect was under surveillance by the criminal police of Goodlands for some time. On Saturday, around 6:00 PM, the police went to Battie, Grand-Gaube, where they had to deal with a hostile crowd. The officers carried out a search at the back of the suspect’s house. They found two bags that contained 540 g and 515 g of cannabis. The bloodhounds have set up an operation to arrest the suspect.

On Tuesday at 4:00 AM, the CID arrested Arnaud Anderson Marquet with the help of the GIPM. During his interrogation, he stated that the cannabis was for his personal use. But the investigators suspect him of supplying the region. The suspect also confessed to his participation in robberies perpetrated in particular at Calodyne. During a search at his home, the police recovered 140 CDs, two pairs of shoes, a digital camera and a cap. He appeared before the court of Pamplemousses. He is charged with a provisional charge of burglary. He will then respond to the drug trafficking charges. The suspect remains in police custody.

Furthermore, Alberto Patrice, aged 30, was arrested on Monday November 21. On seeing the criminal police at Goodlands, he tried to escape. At the time of his arrest, the bloodhounds have recovered a laptop, a USB key and three cameras. The suspect explained that he had obtained them from a recidivist. The police are looking for him. The investigation is under the supervision of Superintendent of Police Banarsee.