Laventure: 7-Year-Old Diya Boodhoo Dies After Being Burnt While Doing Her Prayers

Diya Boodhoo, a resident of Laventure, aged 7, died at the burnt unit of the Victoria Hospital in Candos on Tuesday (November 22nd). The autopsy performed by Dr. Jankee attributed the death of the girl to septicemia.

Murder Crime Scene

Diya Boodhoo was severely burned on Thursday November 17 after her clothes caught fire while she prayed at her home.

Another victim also succumbed to his burns at the Victoria Hospital in Candos on Wednesday (November 23rd). The resident of Pheasant Street, Forest-Side, aged 67, was admitted there four days ago.

The 67-year-old woman was in her kitchen when she burned herself by manipulating a gas oven on Saturday, November 19. An autopsy will be performed later this Wednesday.