[Video] Diya Boodhoo Burnt In Laventure: “Li ti ene tifi bien débrouyar,” Says Her Father

“We could spend hours listening to her talk without getting tired…” Ravi Boodhoo is a bruised man. His seven-year-old daughter, Diya Boodhoo, died after spending five days in the burnt hospital unit at Victoria Hospital in Candos on Tuesday November 22. Her funeral took place at 11:00 am on Wednesday November 23.

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Ravi Boodhoo, hairdresser by profession, returns on the day of the drama. “My daughter was playing. She was looking for a comb and oil to put in her hair. After all of a sudden she came to me, her clothes were on fire. She did not yell,” he said. And to add that of all his daughters, Diya was the most “resourceful”. “She was certainly the smallest but she was very resourceful. She was very much appreciated.”

The autopsy performed by Dr. Jankee on the seven-year-old girl attributed the death of the girl to a septicemia.