[Video] Technology: The Behavior Of Police Officers Recorded On Camera

With the digital revolution, the police officers face a tough time with the… Net! Citizens, armed with their smartphones, do not hesitate to denounce the differences on social networks or in the 2.0 release. The criticisms against certain officers are connected on the Web and this institution takes a blow.


“Big Citizen is watching you.” In the age of the digital revolution, our smallest acts and gestures are filmed and can be used against us. Internet users act like judges and strongly condemned their acts by making comments on the Net, especially on social networks.

The police force is of no exception and is regularly scratched when the differences of some of its members are revealed – in support videos – on the Internet, the media and especially the 2.0 release.

Watch video:

Last week, a few young men filmed an armed policeman who tried, despite his apparent intoxicated state, to drive his motorcycle. They have then reminded the police officer to order, insisting that he is putting his life and that of others in danger. At the insistence of the public, he then calmed down and was obviously very unhappy to be filmed. He shows it through an obscene gesture in the direction of the author of the video. “To fini filme, hein! Filme sa ousi.”

Despite a shower of criticism of the police force, in recent times, some citizens respect and still believe in this institution. While it is true that some policemen are making mistakes, they should not all be put in the same basket, they argue.