[Video] What You Need To Know About The Famous Crystal Rock In Mauritius

The famous Crystal Rock is located off the south west coast of Mauritius, about 200 metres from the shore. This rock represents a real panoramic view of nature for many visitors.

The famous crystal island in Mauritius.

The famous crystal island in Mauritius.

Those who have been to the Benitiers Island by catamaran have surely spotted this beautiful piece of attraction. Standing all by itself, the crystal rock is always mesmerizing to watch. It looks more or less like a clam shell.

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If you ever decide to go on a catamaran with your close ones, do not hesitate to opt visiting the Benitiers Island. You will surely love the adventure and above all, do not forget to get a few clicks of mother’s nature amazing creation: The Crystal Rock.
Watch the video above to admire our very own Crystal Rock!