[Video/Audio] Navin Ramgoolam: “Mwena confians lo bondié; 8 akizasion lo 11 fini rayé”

“La verite pou eklate mem sa. Mo ena konfians dan Bondie, ek mo ena konfians dan lazistis morisienn !”


Navin Ramgoolam on his way out of the tribunal of Port Louis on Wednesday afternoon November 23.

Navin Ramgoolam’s first reaction to Radio Plus shortly after 2:00 pm on Wednesday November 23, after his release from the Port Louis court, which struck down the two interim charges of “influencing public official” and “conspiracy” in the Betamax case.

Magistrate Adila Hamuth pronounced a dismissal in favor of the former Prime Minister and PTr leader after Me Shakeel Bhoyroo, representative of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), explained that “police investigation has not met the evidential test To be able to secure a conviction against Navin Ramgoolam “.

Navin Ramgoolam affirms once again that he is the victim of a “political vendetta”

“Comme je le dis depuis le début, tousala ti enn simagri, enn vengeance politique ki pe fer. Pena okenn frod, pena okenn bribery, zame mo pann pran enn bribe dan mo lavi. Pena okenn conspiracy. Ou inn tan representan DPP kinn dir : 7 gro files linn amene pou prouve. Zordi enn par enn inn montre tousala se vendetta politique. Pena okenn verite ladan.”

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Navin Ramgoolam was provisionally accused of putting pressure on former minister Mahendra Gowreessoo to favor Veekram Bhunjun, director of Betamax, for the transport of petroleum products between India and Mauritius .

After leaving the tribunal of Port-Louis, Navin Ramgoolam attacked Mahendra Gowreessoo: “Zordi si ou gete enn klak inn gayne la […] Okenn prev pena. Enn evidence depi komansman pena.”

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Navin Ramgoolam recalls that eight of the provisional charges against him have already been dropped:

“La lor 11 foi inn mett provisional charge kont moi. Mo enn ancien Premie minis, inn travay pou sa pei la. Mai selma bizin detrir Ramgoolam parski Ramgoolam ki pou blok zot sime. Pena person pou kapav blok zot.”