Melrose Prison: Rats Damage Camera Cables

Inaugurated just two years ago, Melrose Prison does not look great. “Some cameras are in bad condition. Cables have been eaten away by rats, “says Prison Commissioner Vinod Appadoo. At the central prison of Beau Bassin, it would be even worse … After the opposition leader’s Private Notice Question, on Tuesday 22nd November focusing on defective surveillance cameras at the Moka Detention Center – where Constable Arvind Hurreechurn passed away, the express was interested in prisons. Are they all equipped with cameras? Do they work? Can they record? Response elements.

At the Melrose prison, several cameras do not work. The lack of maintenance of equipment. According to our cross-checks, this follows a dispute in relation to the payment of the operator selected to take care of the maintenance of the equipment. That’s not all. In the areas concerned, it is explained that the Melrose system is particularly vulnerable due to ambient humidity.

22nd April 2014, Library Road, Luton, UK.  Whilst taking pictures of rats in Library Road I was taken aback when one huge rat appeared for a fleeting moment,  This rat was at least double the size of what I would call a normal large Norwegian Rat, it scuuried along the pavement just behind discarded a can of 'Monster' and an empty take away box.  I had previously set a trap so that I could photograph how the Common or Norwegian rat behaved when confronted by a new situation and suddenly this 'monster' passed by a few inches from the trap and discarded rubbish.  This area of Luton is known for rats as it has all they require to exist, water, a food source in Council waste bins and plenty of space to burrow in the ground.  Picture shows a large Brown or Norwegian rat coming out of a Luton Borough Council overflowing waste bin.

However, according to the Commissioner of Prisons, proceedings have been initiated to remedy the situation. However, Vinod Appadoo did not wish to give more details. But according to our information, a contract has just been signed with a new operator.

What about the prison of Beau Bassin? The surveillance system is at least 14 years old, it is highlighted. In prison circles, it is said that the whole system would be “completely outdated”. Michel Buckland, president of the Prison Officers Association (POA), maintains that the maintenance of the cameras leaves something to be desired. Where are they placed? “In most prisons, cameras are placed in common areas, such as corridors and courtyards, as well as in dormitories,” says the president of the POA. It is our responsibility that no cell is equipped with a surveillance camera.


In this case, how can we effectively monitor drug trafficking, which takes place in prison? For Buckland, the images of the surveillance cameras can be seen in an operating room. “In some cases it is possible to record images but it depends on the modernity of the equipment.” He adds that in the case of a prisoner with suicidal tendencies, the administration of the penitentiary transfers it to a covered place.

As for Vinod Appadoo, he makes it clear that the cameras cannot be placed in the cells. “It is the intimacy of the detainees. In addition, there are too many cameras to be installed. “The Commissioner of Prisons also plans to review the entire surveillance system, which should be outsourced. “So we will not have to look after the interview. The owner will do it. ”