New Grove: Is It Legal To Rear Goats In A Residential Area?

He had built his house in a morcellement with the hope of living there quietly. Just a year after moving in, Ketan, a resident of New-Grove, was disenchanted. Today, his problem is solved but he wants to share his experience to avoid others being subjected to the same nuisances.

Can goats be raised in a residential area? No, of course. Ketan, a resident of New-Grove, has nevertheless had to fight hard since 2015 to bring his neighbor to reason. The latter made goat breeding less than 15 meters from his house.


“The smell of goats and droppings made the air unbreathable, especially early in the morning and in the evening,” Ketan said. Not to mention bleating all day and night. To get rid of the rubbish, he said, the neighbor burned them whenever he wanted, during the day or in the evening.

All this was a nuisance for Ketan and his family. “The smell and noise were gradually affecting the health of my family and mine. We had no control over the situation, he explains. One evening around midnight the goats began to bleat, which prevented us from sleeping, especially since they were almost in front of our windows. We had to constantly keep the windows closed, while in the morning and in the evening we had to open them to get some fresh air. ”

Ketan stepped up his efforts by writing to the Grand-Port district council, the Rose-Belle health office, the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, the Office of the Prime Minister, the District Court of Grand-Port, the Environment Police and the Ministry of the Environment. Initially, only the Ministry of the Environment responded.

The Ministry stressed that it was incumbent upon all concerned authorities to take actions, according to their level of responsibility and in accordance with the provisions of the Environment Protection Act 2002. Today, after months of effort and patience, The complainant’s problem was also resolved through the intervention of the Ministry of Health. This was confirmed at Xplik Ou K by Mr. Rowatia.