Plaisance Airport: Marie Marianne A. Dies Just Before Taking Her Flight

She was scheduled to return to Reunion Island on Thursday morning November 24, but Marie Marianne A., 80, felt uneasy just before taking an Air Austral flight at Plaisance Airport.

Plaisance international airport.

Plaisance international airport.

The airport police noticed the death of the woman.

Marie Marianne A., an 80-year-old Reunionaise, was taken to the morgue at the Candos hospital. Her family, who was in her company, had to cancel their return to the island after having spent holidays in Mauritius.

The flight from Air Austral, which was to leave Mauritius at 8:30 AM, then took off at 10:15.

The autopsy of the 80-year-old lady will take place on Thursday afternoon November 24.