Assault In Providence: Deva “li finn pwagnard mwa kot mo lagoz.”

Deva (modified name) is in shock since his 24-year-old neighbor Jimmy cut his throat with a knife. Around 9:30 am on Saturday, the 52-year-old Providence resident went to his neighbor’s house. Deva was sitting down in a chair while eating his bread. He was also conversing with Jimmy.

A police investigation has been opened to shed light on this matter.

A police investigation has been opened to shed light on this matter.

At one point, the neighbor left. A few minutes later, he came back with a knife and planted it in Deva’s throat before he fled. Injured, the victim was transported to the Flacq hospital where he was admitted after surgery. He is recovering little by little from his wounds.

“I do not know why …”
Asked by District Military police on his hospital bed, Deva said he was unaware of the reason for his assault. “Mo ti pe koze avek Jimmy ek enn kou li finn leve li finn ale ek li finn revini avek enn kouto. Monn panse li finn amenn kouto pou li servi me li finn pwagnard mwa kot mo lagoz. J’ignore la raison de mon agression,” Deva told the investigators.

On Sunday, the Military District police arrested Jimmy. Investigators recovered the knife used for the assault. When questioned, the young neighbor turned to confession: “Mo pa kone kifer mo finn pik Deva. Mo pa kone ki finn pas dan mo latet ek mo finn fer enn travay koumsa.”

After his interrogation, he appeared at the Bail and Remand Court, where a provisional charge of premeditated assault was brought against him. The police having objected to his release and he was returned to the cell.

On Monday, Jimmy appeared in Moka’s court for his conditional release, but his motion was dismissed. He was examined by the police doctor who then transferred him to the Brown-Séquard hospital where he was admitted. The investigation, conducted by Sergeant Beeputh, is under the supervision of Chief Inspector Rumun.