Drug Trafficking Charges: Om Lombard “Mone perdi Rs.10 million dan sa case-la”

Because of this ban on leaving the country, he was unable to look after his real estate company in La Réunion, he said. “I have incurred losses of about Rs 10 million in the last eight months. I’ll have to work very hard to go up the slope.”

The model says he has not seen his family who has lived in Reunion for eight months.

The model says he has not seen his family who has lived in Reunion for eight months.

Om Lombard says not to be animated by a spirit of revenge. He attributes this misadventure to a combination of circumstances which originated in a false allegation against one of his clients. Now he is considering all the options available to him. He is looking forward, including his projects with the Bollywood star Sunny Leone and his collaboration with Alain Ramanisum and Laura Beg for their next clip.

He also wishes to thank all those who supported him. “I was fortunate to have two excellent lawyers, Me Gavin Glover, Senior Counsel, and Mr. Rishi Bhoyroo. I also have to thank my 203,000 fans on Facebook and all those who supported me in one way or another.”

Om Lombard was arrested on April 13. He was suspected of importing and distributing cannabis-containing bird food. In the pet store run by the model at Grand-Baie, the police seized 19 plastic bags, 20 cans of Versele-Laga bird food, and a 20 kg plastic bag labeled Versele-Laga. It was after a raid at a pet store in Curepipe on April 10 that the police went up to him. According to the police, the sachets containing the seeds of cannabis would come from the animal house that holds the mannequin.