Official Car: A Rs. 19 Million BMW Car For SAJ

The state has acquired a new official car, a BMW 760Li. The sedan arrived at the customs on Friday November 18 and is located at the High Security Zone of the Very Important Person Security Unit (VIPSU) in Vacoas.


Prime Minister (PM) Sir Anerood Jugnauth (SAJ) will be traveling in this armored car equipped with state-of-the-art accessories. The car is valued at Rs 35 million and with the deduction of the tax, it will cost Rs 19.4 million.

It was on the morning of Friday November 18 that the car was cleared in the presence of VIPSU elements on behalf of the Government of Mauritius. The car transited through the Leal & Co dealer in Pailles. He is the official importer of the German mark and this is where the formalities have been completed. Then the car was taken to the High Security Zone of the VIPSU in Vacoas to be secured.

According to our overlap, the procedures for buying this sedan date from January. The BMW 760Li High Security is serviced only by specially certified suppliers. Access to this vehicle is allowed to drivers specially selected and trained in safety. It is equipped with an electronically controlled dynamic damping control, by which the shock absorber is adapted to the road surface and to the driving style.

As for the safety aspect of the saloon, it is equipped with an intercom system with microphones and hidden loudspeakers to allow safe communication with people outside the vehicle without having to open Doors and windows. It is expected that this car will be on the road shortly.